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1 ton electronic High Accuracy Animal Weighing Scale

ATRONTEC animal weighing scales combine excellent accuracy and durability for use in harsh industrial environments. The strict set of tolerances in the factory - enables these scales to maintain accuracy even after years of extensive use. They are ideal for use with boxes, trolleys, and forklifts for centralized loading and are designed to withstand the conditions such as freight centers, chemical/pharmaceutical processing,etc.
  • HXC


Scale Advantages:

Weighing PlatformCheckered type Platform ,Rust Removal , Plastic-Spray Processing,More Corrosion- Resistant ,Easy to Clean.
Safe FenceGalvanization Processing
Strong Scale BodyU beam design ,Cold-formed welding
LoadcellKELI or ZEMIC Brand
Keep weighing data stable when animal move into the scale


* Weight capacity: 500kg~5000kg

* Platform size: 0.75*1.9m, 1*2m, 1.2*2m, 1.5*5m, 2*2m

* Material: carbon steel or stainless steel

* The fences can be assembled easily.

* Special weight capacity and scale size can be customized upon request.

* Standard configuration: Keli/Zemic load cell 2t or 5t, AE12 indicator with RS232, 5m signal line.


* HX Series livestock platform scale is specially designed for livestock farming.

* Reinforced carbon steel bending structure is suitable for a variety of weighing requirement.

* The top quality of spraying paint treatment of surface ensures best power coating and painting quality.

* The platform adopts high quality of anti-skid embossing plate,stainless steel material makes the range of application wider.

* Checker plate or smooth plate,carbon steel or stainless steel, are all presented to be selected.

* The stainless steel series are well used in those application in damp and harsh environments such as meat or fish

processing plants, chemical industries and dairies.

Data Sheet:

HXC SeriesMax. Weighing Capacity
Platform Size100-500kg1Ton2Ton3Ton5Ton10Ton





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