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Manufacturing Factories

Weighing products can accurately record the necessary production data, such as raw materials, parts and inventory weighing and counting management. Accelerating the production process, increasing productivity while reducing long-term maintenance costs are the goals we always focused these years.

Supermarket Weighing

Weighing scales like pricing scales, counting scales and label barcode printing scales used for trade settlement can provide error-free and accurate trade settlement, win the trust of customers and guarantee the honor of merchants.

Weighing applications in industry, agriculture, animal husbandry and transportation

Robust and reliable platform scales enable precision weighing widely and easily. For example, weighing applications in the fields of animal weighing, receiving goods, inspection, manufacturing, warehousing, packaging and transportation.

Food Processing Industry

Processed foods, such as meat, poultry, dairy products, fruits, vegetables, bakery, desserts, chocolate, candy and other foods, up food industrial rules, require weighing products to withstand strict cleaning and high hygiene procedures. Our platform scales and weighing systems can provide an ideal weighing solution to optimize the food processing, improve production in quality and efficiency safely.

Filling or Dosing

Precise repeat recipes, high-speed filling, are important to reduce product wastage and increase profit margins. We offer a variety of formulation and filling solutions, such as stand-alone formulation, network-base management, or statistical quality control systems to help improve your profitability.
Our products owned a credible quality as well as good reputation in the market.
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