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3*18m 100 ton Digital Truck Scale with Digital Weight Indicator

* TSH Series Weighbridges are used for freight weighing of road vehicles or for loading goods on the scales.(e.g. Bulk cargo) 
* Examples of some typical applications are: inbound / outbound weighing in manufacturing plants & transport companies, or comfortable material-flow management systems, e.g. in waste management facilities. 
* The combination of weighing indicators or PC solutions produces user-friendly, high-performance scale systems, which can be easily connected to ERP-systems. 
* Truck scales are pit mounted (embedded in the roadway), or above-ground scales.
Weight indicator:
Load Cell:
  • TSH

3*18m 100 ton Digital Truck Scale with Digital Weight Indicator

Truck Scale commonly knows as Weighbridge

The electronic truck scale is mainly composed of weighing platforms, a weighing indicator, load cells, a connector, a limit device, a junction box and other components. It can also be equipped with a printer/a large display screen/ computer and weighing management software/external equipment such as regulated power supply. 

More powerful management functions can be used when the weighbridge connect to the computer and printer. 

The weighing management system is composed of a computer, printer, weight indicator, and weighbridge software; 

How to weigh?

Weigh the vehicle twice, the gross weight subtract the tare weight to obtain the net weight. Then print the scale sheet.

Instructions for use

  1. Check whether the scale body is flexible 

  2. Check the performance of each supporting component is good

  3. Then start use the truck scale

  4. Turn on weighing indicator, it can be used only after the zero point is stable

  5. The vehicle speed should be less than 5km/h when the vehicle drives onto the weighing platform,then brakes slowly,next starts the weighing after the vehicle stops

  6. Let vehicles or heavy objects stay in the center of the weighing platform as much as possibe

  7. Weight indicator must read the correct weight value when the "stability"indicator light is on.

Weighbridge Specifications:

* Weighbridge size: 3*18 m,3sections

* Weighbridge capacity: 100t

* Weighbridge material:steel

* Weighbridge beam: Standard U shape beam

* Ubeam: 6 pcs

* Ubeam high : 300mm

* Top plate thickness : 10mm (checker or smooth)

* Cross beam : 12mm

* Weighbridge accuracy : OIML III

* Weighbridge weight: 8000kg

* Temperature: -40℃~75℃

* Safe overload:120% FS

* Limit overload:150% FS

Truck Scale Weighing Indicator

* Model:Keli D2008

* Connection mode:RS232 mode

* Communication distance:About 1000m

* Then the number of sensors:1~16 pcs

* Sensor power supply :DC 10V, 0.8A (Max)

* Display range:-325000-325000 (d=10)

* With printer

Truck Scale Load Cell

* Brand: KeLi load cell

* Capacity: 30t

* Communication BPS: 9600bps

* Creep(30min) : ±0.02%FS

* Temperature effect: ±0.02%FS/10℃

* Operating Temperature Range: -30℃-70℃

* Storage Temperature Range: -60℃-80℃

* Environmental Protection: IP68

* Excitation Protection: 9-12VDC

* Power Dissipation: 350(12V)MW

* Excitation Voltage: RS485

* Transmitting Distance: 50-1200M

* Cells Network Operation: ≤16个

* Cells Lightning Protection: yes

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