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60~500kg Capacity MAVIN NA2 Load Cell, Aluminum Alloy Single Point Load Cell

This aluminal alloy load cell with capacity of 60~500kg is typically designed for platform scales and electronic table scale. NA2 load cell is suitable for bench scale with platform size: 350x450mm;400x500mm.
For platform size:
Protection Level:
  • NA2


MAVIN Brand Aluminum Alloy Single Point Load Cell NA2

The elastic body of the single-point load cell is constructed of aluminum alloy which the surface with anodized treatment; The load cell is safely sealed with white glue. Four-corner correction is accurate, calibration is easily to be done; The high precision with C3-C5 various accuracy levels is optional.  It is widely used in electronic pricing scales, weighing scales, counting scales and other small countertop electronic scales, as well as packaging equipments, etc.

NA2 Load Cell Features:

* Brand: MAVIN

* Capacity range is 60kg,100kg,150kg,200kg,250kg,300kg,500kg;

* Analog,Single beam type

* Aluminum alloy load cell

* IP67

* High precision,C3

* Suitable for electronic scale,electronic table scale

NA2 Load Cell Specifications:

* Rated capacity: 60~500kg

* Rated output: 2.0 mV±5%

* Zero balance: ±0.02 mV/V

* Non-linearity: 0.02% R.O.

* Hysteresis: 0.02%R.O.

* Repeatability: 0.02%R.O.

* 30mins Creep: 0.02%R.O.

* 30mins Return: 0.02%R.O.

* Safe overload: 150%R.O.

* Ultimate overload: 200%R.O.

* Temperature effect on Output: 0.002%R.O./℃

* Temperature effect on Zero: 0.003%R.O./℃

* Input impedance: 410±15Ω

* Output impedance: 350±5Ω

* Insulation impedance: ≥5000MΩ(50VDC)

* Recommended excitation: 5~12 VDC

* Maximum excitation: 15 VDC

* Operating temperature range: -20℃~+60℃

* Material: Aluminum alloy

* Protection: IP66/IP67

* Cable: Φ5x1.5m

* Recommended platform size: 350x450mm;400x500mm

* Mode of connection: Red(EXC+), Black(EXC-), Green(SIG+),White(SIG-)

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