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800mm*800mm Stainless Steel Welding Platform, 600kg High Performance Electronic Platform Weighing Scale

RXS8080 Stainless steel weighing platform is specially designed for heavy-duty weighing tasks in large factories, construction sites, logistics industry, etc. 800*800 mm platform size can load heavy things with large size.
Platform size:
Load Cell:
  • RXS8080


800mm*800mm Stainless Steel Welding Platform

--600kg High Performance Electronic Platform Weighing Scale

Weighing Platform Features:

  • Elegant design and perfect for many weighing applications

  • Tough build

  • Stable performance

Platform Scale Specifications:

  • Scale capacity: 600kg

  • Weighing pan: stainless steel,800*800mm

  • Scale load cell: MAVIN brand NA3-1000kg

  • Stainless steel weighing indicator is optional

  • Welded construction: stainless steel

  • Column base: stainless steel

  • Column: stainless steel

  • Rubber stopper: M5

  • Scaler feet: M12

Platform Scale Shipment:

RXS8080 stainless steel weighing platform-6

Large electronic scales are mainly used in factories, mines, merchants, etc. for the measurement of bulk goods. For these large goods, a large electronic scale can know the exact weight in a short time, which is very efficient.

More users like large electronic scales because of its obvious advantages in all aspects. 

  1. The appearance design of large electronic scale is economical and elegant and the structure is simple. So

    even though the function is powerful, the operation is very simple.

  2. Secondly, large electronic scale is a kind of maintenance-free equipment in the later stage.

  3. Next, A304 stainless steel material is superior and stable than carbon steel, so the large stainless steel

    electronic scale has strong corrosion resistance, accurate positioning, heavy weight without deformation.

    Therefore, it can be used in some special occasions, such as public weighing stations, chemical enterprises,

    port terminals, refrigeration industries, etc., with a long service life and high cost performance.

  4. The capacity range of large electronic scales is also very wide, from 100kg to 1500kg.

  5. Now large electronic scales are also intelligent with complete functions. Connected with printers and other

    equipment to realize real-time data transmission, fast printing and other functions, such as peeling, clearing, zeroing, and dynamic detection,etc.

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