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Atrontec Electronic Weighing In Food Industry

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The food industry covers many different businesses and production methods, ranges from farming to food processing as well as beverage production to food waste. However, the manufactureing process of every business is associated with hygiene, food safety, consistent quality and efficient production.

ATRONTEC has weighing scales and solutions for all the stages of food production to improve optimum productivity while maintaining quality standards.

Waterproof Table Scale

AGTP,AGTS series…,this waterproof scale with multiple sealing waterproof design which is suitable for long-term use in wet environment.

Bench Weighing Scale

– RKS series washable bench scale with full stainless steel design can be widely used in sea food,meat industry,or other washable environments. And stainless steel indicators like ID226,ID511L,XK3108A,XK3108B are available.

– TCS series bench scale with IP68 waterproof has win good reputation in the internation market due to the excellent quality combined with affordable price.

– HW series bench scale with stainless steel structure can be used for wet environment.

Weighing System for Quality Control,Data Collection and Analysis

XK3108D weighing system can collect weighing data from the scale,then transfer directly into Excel spreadsheet for later statistical analysis. This system enables efficient acquisition of quality control,data and production monitoring,as well as system control. Insert the picture

Our products owned a credible quality as well as good reputation in the market.
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