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D320 Batching and Filling Process Weighing Controller

* D320 is an Industrial Weighing Process Controller with high accuracy as well as high anti-vibration. This reliable and powerful weighing controller is designed to meet harsh industrial parameters by using optimum quality materials.

* D320 weighing controller is typically applied to weighing/batching control/filling process in chemical industry or other hazardous areas.
Serial Interface:
Load Cell:
  • D320


D320 Batching and Filling Process Weighing Controller

D320 is a panel mount housing process weighing indicator. This weight indicator aims to industry process weighing, filling, packaging and blending system applications. It is very easy to build a master/slave controlling system via RS232/485 serial port with touch screen and PLC host devices.

Primary Applications:

* Weighing control system

* Batching process control

* Filling process control

* Target control


  • 24VDC power input, not more than 3W power consumption

  • 1 x analog load cell platform I/F(up to 6x350 ohm load cells)

  • Up to 100,000 Display Division

  • Up to 200Hz weight updating speed

  • One RS232/485 serial port for

    - Continuous weight output

    - Demand Input/Output

    - MODBUS-RTU slave, up to 50Hz visit access speed

  • Target Controller

    - Simple setpoint comparator

    - Sequence controller

    - Under/OK/Over Classify

  • Calibration

    - 2-point Calibration

    - 3-point Calibration

    - Free Calibration

  • IP65 panel housing

  • Operating Environment

    - Operating Temperature: -10℃~40℃

    - Humidity: 10%RH~95%RH, non-condensing


* 4 Inputs /6 Outputs (OC)

* 4 Inputs /6 Outputs (Relay)

* 4-20mA Analog Output(16-bit DAC)


Accuracy Class III
EU Approval 100,000 Display Division, CMC 6000e
Display & Keypad
Display 6 bits 7-segment red LED display, 0.56" high(14.2mm)
Update Speed 250ms
Status Display Gross, Net, Motion, Center of Zero, Kg/Lb
Function Keys Tare, Clear, Zero, Print
Load Cell
Exciting Voltage 5V DC, max 150mA
Load Cell Number Max 6 x 350Ω
Connect Type 4- wired or 6-wired,  Cable:274mR/m2
Scale Functionality
Calibration 2-point with testing weight or no testing(CalFree)
Filter 5-step
Scale Process Tare, Zero, Auto Zero, Motion
Inputs Option 4 Inputs, Can be assigned  remote inputs for remote host(PLC or DCS)
Outputs Option 6 Outputs, Can be assigned  remote outputs for remote host(PLC or DCS)
Target Control Simple Setpoint or Sequence Control(with Start & Abort command)
Bagging PAC 3-Speed Control, bag clamping control and empty control
Filling PAC No-Gun-Control Filling / Gun-Control Filling

Communication I/F
Serial Port 1 port: RS232/485
Continuous Output 10ms ~ 20ms (100~50 Hz)
MODBUS-RTU Support, Integer & Floating data format
Analog Output 4-20mA, 16-bit DAC

Weighing Controller Pictures:

ID550 weighing process control indicator-6

ID550 weighing process control indicator-7

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