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ID226 Plastic Housing Weighing Scale Indicator with WIFI Function

ID226 plastic housing WIFI weight indicator is a high precision weighing scale indicator with WIFI module. Multi-functions with rich communication I/F enable this weighing indicator to be widely used in basic weiging scale,counting scale,animal weighing scale,truck scale,etc. And it is also Compatible to Mettler-Toledo IND221/IND226.
Serial Interface:
  • ID226P-WIFI

ID226 Plastic Housing Weighing Scale Indicator with WIFI Function

- Compatible to Mettler-Toledo IND221/IND226

Weighing Indicator Display

  • LED, Green and Red are both available

  • Letter height is 33mm

Weighing Indicator ADC

  • Scale number: 1 x scale is supported

  • Driving voltage: 5VDC

  • Input signal range: 0~19mV(for load cell of 2mV/V and 3mV/V)

  • Accuracy: CAP 6000e, 200000d

  • Calibration mode: 2-point/3-point/4-point/5-point weight calibration

Weighing Indicator Communication Interface

  • Serial port: RS232,RS232/RS485

  • Ethernet: Optional

  • WIFI: WIFI or Bluetooth both available


Other Specifications of Weighing Indicator

  • I/O: 1x INPUT/3x Output,three color alarm light is optional

  • Power: 220VAC

  • Material: ABS

  • Application: for all kinds fo platform scales

Weighing Indicator Configuration

ID226-3Y0001 ID226,ABS,round bracket,No battery,green display,two serial ports:RS232+RS485(MODBUS-RTU),Blue-Tooth
ID2263T0001 ID226,ABS,round bracket,No battery, green display,two serial ports:RS232+RS485(MODBUS-RTU),LAN Port(TCP,UDP)
ID2269A2001 ID226,ABS,square bracket,lead acid charging battery,green display,two serial ports:RS232+RS485(MODBUS-RTU)
ID2269Y0001 ID226,ABS,square bracket,No battery,green display,two serial ports:RS232+RS485(MODBUS-RTU), Blue-Tooth
ID2269T0001 ID226,ABS,square bracket,No battery,green display,two serial ports:RS232+RS485(MODBUS-RTU),LAN Port(TCP,UDP)

Weighing Indicator Pictures:

ID226 WIFI weight indicator-6

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