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LCD Display Electronic Price Computing Scale with PLU

* CPT10 is an electronic weighing price computing scale with PLU.
* Unit price and total price computing
* 10 x One-touch PLU keys(total 20 plus)
Weight indicator:
  • CPT10


LCD Display Electronic Price Computing Scale with PLU

Scale Features:

* Scale keys: Numeric 0~9,QTY,Units,Change,Plus,M+,MR,MC,CE,10xPLU,Tare,Zero,On,Off

* Power on zero-tracking,auto-calibration,digital noise filter,full tare,accumulation memory,programmable capacity and division,low battery indication and charging status indication

* Three LCD displays,Unit price and total price,10x One-touch PLU keys(total 20 plus)

* Optional RS232 output

Scale Specifications:

* Scale accuracy: III

* 18mm LCD display with LED backlit

* Rechargeable battery: 6V/4Ah for 80 hours continuous use

* Power supply: Input AC 100V~240V,Output 12V/1A

* Working temperature: -10°C to 40°C(14°F to 104°F)

* Scale Platter: Stainless steel, Size:220mm*310mm

* Scale size: 345mm*330mm*112mm

Scale ModelScale CapacityReadabilityDivisionGross WeightCBM

How to use the price computing scale?


- Gently take out the scale from the packing box, put it on a firm and flat table, put the weighing pan on the load-bearing bracket with four rubber shock absorbers, adjust the scale feet, make the level bubble is at the center position of the circle to ensure that the scale body is flat and stable.

- Connect the scale to the power via power cord


- Turn on the power switch after confirming that there is nothing on the weighing pan.

- Display window flashes all "8" twice, the electronic scale will automatically enter the status of the normal weighing and price computing process. "0" will be displayed on each display window and the light of zero indicator will be on.

- Put the object to be weighed on the weighing pan, the weight value will be displayed on the weight window.

- Input the unit price with numbers, assuming the unit price is 5.18 yuan/kg, then press the "5", "1" and "8" number keys in sequence, the unit price window will display 5.18, and the amount window will display the amount.

- Remove the object from the weighing pan, the zero indicator light is on.

- Press the "Clear" button, and the unit price window will display zero.

- It is also possible to directly input a new unit price without clearing the unit price, then the original unit price will be automatically cleared.

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