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Large LCD Display High Precision Weighing Scale Indicator

CWB7 is the weighing indicator used for bench scales and floor scales, this weighing indicator will show accurate weighing results from the scale. It is easy to set up,read and operate on the scale. 
Serial Interface:
  • CWB7

Large LCD Display High Precision Weighing Scale Indicator


  • Place this weighing scale indicator on a firm and smooth place, don´t place it in vibration or shaking environment.

  • Adjust 4 scale feet to make sure the bubble in the center of the circle and keep the balance of the platform scale.

  • Try to avoid other electrical disturbance.

  • Don´t put any object on the weighing platter when turn on the weight indicator.

  • Please, wait 2-3 minutes after turning on the weighing indicator before using.

  • Avoid the place with temperature changing too large and air flow strenuous sites.

  • Don´t overload the platform scale, don´t exceed the maximal capacity.

Weight Indicator Features:

* Function keys: Tarex2, Units, Net/Gross, Print, Zero, On, Off

* Straight weighing mode

* Counting function

* Check weighing HI-OK-LO function

* Multiple weighing units available

* Power on zero-tracking, auto-calibration, auto-power off mode, digital noise filter, full tare, accumulation memory, Programmable capacity and division, low battery indicator, and charging status indicator

* Optional RS232 output

* Optional Relay output

Weight Indicator Specifications:

  • Accuracy: III

  • Display: 40mm LCD with LED backlit

  • Load cell: Up to 4×350 ohm minimum resistance

  • Rechargeable battery 6V/4Ah for 120 hours continuous use

  • Operating temperature: -10ºC to +40ºC

  • Product size: 240mm*105mm*180mm

  • Display/Internal resolution: 30, 000/600, 000

Weight Indicator Parameters:

MaterialABS plastic
Display40mm LCD with LED backlit
Display/Internal resolution30, 000/600, 000
Load cellUp to 4*350 ohm minium resistance
Function keysTarex2, Units, Net/Gross, Print, Zero, On, Off
OptionRS232 output
OptionRelay output

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