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Large LCD Display Stainless Steel Analog Weighbridge Indicator,Digital Truck Scale Indicator

This weighing indicator is SUS304 stainless steel housing with IP65. Optional analog version and digital version can be worked with multi-brands load cells. This stainless steel weighing indicator with multi-functions and communication ports is typically for weighbridge,truck scales,etc.
Load Cell:
Serial Interface:
  • K3000


Large LCD Display Stainless Steel Weighbridge Indicator

Weighbridge Indicator Main Functions

  • K3000 for connection with analog load cells

  • K3000D for connection with digital load cells, like Flintec* RC3D, HBM* C16i, Moorange*

    M36D, AWT* T301 models.

    * All rights of those brands belong to those companies who registered and owed.

  • Load cell communication with isolation and anti-surge technology

  • Support manual and automatic corner error adjusting.

  • Navigation hint for operation

  • 3 modes of truck weighing application

  • Indicator data setting with password protection

  • English, Pinyin and Numbers input

  • Print and query, accumulate all types of statistics reports

  • Real-clock

  • RS232 and RS485 interface.

  • Extend to other industrial communication interfaces

  • Self-diagnostic function

Weighbridge Indicator Features:

  • SUS304 stainless steel housing,bracket and PG glands

  • IP65 protection

  • 100~240V AC power supply directly

  • Easy to operate with big LCD display

  • User-friendly operation interface

  • Anti-vibration better for oil tank truck,etc.

  • Multi-interface: RS232,RS485,Ethernet,etc.

  • Super anti-interference technology:

    * All communication interface isolated design

    * Anti-surge design

  • K3000 Analog version: drive up to 16*350 Ohm load cells

  • K3000D Digital version: Working with Moorange/HBM/AWT/ZEMIC etc.

     (all rights of above mentioned brands belong to those companies who registered and owned)

  • High accuracy up to 10,000e

  • Max. display resolution up to 60,000

Weighbridge Indicator Specifications

* Power: 100~240V, 50/60Hz

* Excitation voltage: DC10V 500mA,Up to 16*350 Ohm load cells

* A/D rate: 120 times/second

* Display resolution: 1/3,000~1/60,000

* Protection: IP65

* Display: Dot-Matrix LCD 240*128mm

* Units: kg/t

* Communication: Continuous/Print/Modbus-RTU/Modbus-TCP

* Operating temperature: -10℃~40℃

* Storage temperature: -25℃~55℃

Weighbridge Indicator Parameters


C3, 10000e degree

Max Resolution



240X128 dot-matrix LCD with white backlight


Digits and letters, navigation, shortcut and on/off

Digital Filtering

Multi-grades filtering


Analog load cells,Digital load cells

Load Cell Excitation

Up to16 load cells

Load Cell Interface

RS485, anti-surge and anti-lightning

Communication port

RS232C & RS485, printer, remote display,computer, etc.

Optional of Ethernet, USB, SD card.

Optional of Field Bus or Controlling interface

ApplicationStandard weighing

1000 weighing records

Reweighing (twice weighing operation)

Automatic gross and tare weight identification,

200 temporary records.

Preset tare weighing

200 preset tare records


  • Please keep indicator ground connected well.

  • Please cut off power before connecting the indicator to the indicator, computer or any other devices.

  • After all connection is done, wait for 30 seconds, and then power on the indicator.

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