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Load Cell Weighing Module Applications

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-- This weighing module adopts stainless steel laser welding sealing load cell with IP68, that can be used in a variety of harsh environments

-- This device is suitable for weighing the batching of small and medium-sized reactors in chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries.

M-SWB5051 weighing module-3M-SWB5051 weighing module-2

How the load cell works in weighing system?

  • The stainless steel load cell module can be placed on different support points to facilitate the weighing of the object. 

  • These modules are connected to the weighing control indicator through the junction box, and the weighing control indicator can receive and process the electrical signal output by the weighing module, thereby calculating the weight of the object. 

  • This kind of weighing system is usually used in industrial production, logistics and warehousing, etc. 

  • It can help enterprises to carry out accurate weighing , improve production efficiency and ensure product quality.

ATRONTEC has different solutions for all the load cell modules weighing to improve optimum productivity while maintaining quality standards.

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