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Mavin NA3 Aluminum Alloy Single Point Load Cell

Precision load cells NA3 is a compact construction platform load cell made from aluminum. The aluminum parallel beam load cell delivers highly precise & reliable measuring results even in long-term use.
  • NA3



* Brand: MAVIN

* Capacities:60-1200kg

* Material: Aluminum Alloy

* Dimension:174*60*64mm

* Rated Output:2.0mV/V

* Protection Class: PI66/PI67

* High accuracy OIML approved

* Calibrated to national standards

* Compact Design,Easy to install, Long term, reliable operation


* Rated capacity: 60,100,150,200,250,300,500,600,750,800,1000,1200(kg)

* Rated output: 2.0 mV±5%

* Zero balance: ±0.02 mV/V

* Non-linearity: 0.02% R.O.

* Hysteresis: 0.02%R.O.

* Repeatability: 0.02%R.O.

* 30mins Creep: 0.02%R.O.

* 30mins Return: 0.02%R.O.

* Safe overload: 150%R.O.

* Ultimate overload: 200%R.O.

* Temperature effect on Output: 0.002%R.O./℃

* Temperature effect on Zero: 0.003%R.O./℃

* Input impedance: 410±15Ω

* Output impedance: 350±5Ω

* Insulation impedance: ≥5000MΩ(50VDC)

* Recommended excitation: 5~12 VDC

* Maximum excitation: 15 VDC

* Operating temperature range: -20℃~+60℃

* Material: Aluminum alloy

* Protection: IP66/IP67

* Cable: Φ5x2m

* Recommended platform size: 600x800mm;

* Mode of connection: Red(EXC+), Black(EXC-),Green(SIG+),White(SIG-)

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