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Mild Steel Checkered Plate Floor Weighing Scale

SCS series carbon steel floor scale is the scale for heavy duty weighing applications,they can weigh large and heavy objects easily. They are highly duarable and they can endure years of work without needing constant maintenance. This series floor scale can be widely used in factories, logistics centers, and other industrial weighing purpose.
Load Cell:
Weight indicator:
Platform size:
  • SCS

Mild Steel Checkered Plate Floor Weighing Scale

SCS-CWB7 series carbon steel floor scale is composed of carbon steel weighing platform and LCD display weighing indicator. It is for heavy duty weighing applications, this floor scale can be widely used in factories, logistics centers, and other industrial weighing purpose.

Floor Scale Features:

- Tough U beam structure

- Extra strength structure

- Chequer or flat deck

- Leveling adjustment

- Plastic weighing indicator

- Large LCD display

- Weighing,counting and check weighing HI-OK-LO function

- For markets,logistic centers

Floor Scale Specifications:

- Capacity: 500~3000kg

- Scale body: Carbon steel

- Lifting ring: M12

- Scale feet: M12

Floor Scale Models:

ModelPlatform Size(mm)Capacity
Load Cell
SQB or H8C
SCS-CWB7-1201201200*12001T/2TSQB or H8C
SCS-CWB7-1501501500*15002T/3TSQB or H8C
SCS-CWB7-2002002000*20002T/3TSQB or H8C


  • Floor scales are electronic weighing scales between platform scales and truck scales.

  • The weighing range of floor scales is generally from 1t to 10t. Floor scales can be divided into: ordinary type, medium precision platform scale and high precision floor scale. At the same time, according to the working environment, it is divided into ordinary platform scale and explosion-proof platform scale. With the development of enterprises, platform scales have been widely used in all aspects of production.

  • Adopting a new structure of high-quality carbon steel weighing platform, the structure is compact and reasonable; patterned steel plate table;

  • Four high-precision welded and sealed load cells with stronger environmental adaptability;

  • Intelligent weighing indicator, large LCD display, clear and easy to read;

  • Stainless steel junction box, waterproof and dustproof, good reliability;

  • The system has high accuracy/rapid weighing/stable and reliable work/simple installation and maintenance, and convenient movement. The floor scale is widely used in various industries;

  • It can be equipped with peripheral equipment such as slopes, printers, large-screen displays, computers, etc., to expand corresponding functions.

  • Weighing capacity: 500KG~20T

  • Weighing platform size: 0.8m×0.8m; 1m×1m; 1m×1.2m; 1.2m×1.2m; 1.2m×1.5m; 1.5m×1.5m; 1.5m×2m; 2m×2m.

    Platform size and weighing capacity can be customized according to user requirements

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