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Portable Platform Scale Waterproof Weighing Scale with Capacity 30kg

This waterproof scale has excellent waterproof, moisture-proof and dust-proof functions. It is suitable for processing industries such as aquatic products, meat and vegetables etc.
weight display:
Platform size:

30kg Capacity Waterproof Weighing Scale

This mini platform scale is specially designed for moisture and corrosive environments. The capacity ranges from 3kg to 60kg,large LED Display enables clear reading,two functional keys and adjustable display make weighing tasks simple and easy. So this waterpfoof scale can be widely used in food service industry especially sea food,vegetable markets,fruit markets,supermarkets,parcel weighing,chemical products and other industries.

Waterproof Scale Features

  • The comprehensive waterproof sealing treatment with IP68 level can meet the special working environment(moistrue,corrosion,etc)

  • The dual LED display indicator can be multi-position control

  • 21mm large LED,clearly legible

  • Inside charger,easier and more reliable

  • Set-value alarm function

  • Counting function

  • Measurement unit switch function(g,kg,lb,lb.oz,oz)

  • Voltage indicate and low voltage alarm function

Waterproof Scale Characteristics

  • Capacity: 3kg,6kg,7.5kg,15kg,30kg,45kg,60kg

  • 21mm high red LED

  • Platform size: 265*305 mm

Waterproof Scale Data Sheet


3,6,7.5,15,30,45,60 kg

Resolution selectable


Display mode

Dual 21mm high large LED

Housing material

Compound material and ABS plastic

Operation temperature

-10°C - +40°C(14F-104F)

Power supply

AC110V/230V(±10%) or DC6V4Ah rechargeable battery

Working hours without exten power supply


Optional function

RS232 interface

Housing dimensions

350 ×305 ×400 mm

Platform size

305 × 265 mm



Waterproof Scale Instructions:

  • Please place the waterproof scale on a stable and flat table. Do not place it on a shaking or vibrating floor. Adjust the 4 adjusting feet to keep the electronic scale stable and level. Kindly be noted that the air bubble in the level must be in the center of the circle.

  • Try to avoid using the waterproof scale in a place where the temperature changes too much or the air flow is violent.

  • Please do not place anything on the weighing pan while turning on the power.

  • If the low power warning symbol is displayed, it means that the waterproof scale needs to be charged.

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