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Process Weighing Control Indicator for Dosing and Filling Weighing System

TA3 is a versatile industrial weighing controller, it can perform precise and efficient control of tasks from basic weighing to filing and dosing for any industry.
Serial Interface:
Mounting mode:
  • TA3


Stainless Steel Process Weighing Control Indicator

Mass can be seen everywhere in our life as a basic physical quantity,. There are also many applications in the industrial field that need to weigh materials. Accurate and fast acquisition of weight data is crucial to improving product quality and increasing production efficiency. TA3 series weighing display controller adopts real-time multi-functional microprocessor and high-speed high-precision ADC to achieve accurate and fast weighing. At the same time, the TA3 weighing indicator also provides a variety of control and function interfaces, which is very convenient for on-site control and composition of automatic control systems. Whether it is Simple weighing display or complex process control, TA3 weighing display controller can meet your pursuit to reliable, accurate and efficient weighing performances.

Weighing Control Indicator Features:

* Sharp OLED front panel display with easy 4-button operator interface.

* Indicator mounting options: Panel mount, or with DIN rail mount

* 7-hole drilling pattern for easy panel mounting

* Environmental protection rating IP 65 / Type 4x and 12 (panel display)

* Environmental protection rating IP20/Type 1 (terminal housing)

* Split housing design uses two snap-in tabs for secure & easy disassembly

* 35mm DIN rail mount design for remote mounting

* Safe installation with DIN rail retaining tab

* SD Memory Card slot

* Detachable terminal connectors

Weighing Control Indicator Applications:

* Basic weighing

* Target control

* Checking weight and sorting

* Flow monitoring

* Can replace IND331 indicator completely

Weighing Control Indicator Specifications:

Housing DIN   type:stainless steel case,with   a small display and panel
Panel type:stainless steel case,detachable front panel and the body can   either be integrally mounted or separately mounted
Outline Size
IP rating DIN:IP20
Power AC:85~264VAC,49~61Hz
Display Green   OLED display,weight,unit,gross weight/net weight,dynamic state and zero   center symbol,etc.
DIN:digits of 6mm high
Panel:digits of 14mm high
Keys 4 keys, C(Clear)、T(Tare)、P(Print)、Z(Zero)
Load cell Excitation voltage is 5VDC
Load cell/weighing platform can connect up to 4pcs load cells with 350ohm(sensitivity of 2mV/V or 3mV/V),or   connect 1pc anolog weighing platform.
Communication Serial   port
Standard:RS-232(COM1),baud rate of 300~115200
Option: RS-232/485(COM2),baud rate of   300~115200
Input:ASCⅡcommands   CPTZ(Clear,Print,Tare,Zero),COMMAND(give direct inteface command and   secondary inteface command)
Output:Continuous output, extended continuous output, command output   (limited format)
Serial port COM1:RS232
Serial port/DIO(option) COM2:RS232/485,2 input/4 output   interface
PLC(option) 4-20mA   analog output
Profibus DP
Minimum sensitivity 0.6μV/e(OIML)
Accuracy Maximum   display division with 100,000d
Speed A/D   conversion rate:400Hz
Rate of comparison for preset point:50Hz
PLC update:20Hz
Environment Temperature:-10°~ 40℃
Relative humidity:10%~95%,no   condensation

Weighing Control Indicator Picture:

TA3 process weighing control indicator-7

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