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Red LED Display Stainless Steel Waterproof Weighing Indicator

XK3119WL-II LED indicator is a stainless steel waterproof weighing indicator with compact and elegant appearance.
  • XK3119WL


Red LED Display Stainless Steel Waterproof Weighing Indicator

XK3119WL-II LED indicator is an enhanced weighing indicator with compact structure and elegant appearance.  Advanced microprocessor makes the indicator more reliable, stable with faster weighing speed. It is easy to operate and use with IP68 waterproof level. This indicator is a good option for industrial platform scales, floor scales and various weighing machineries and equipment.

Waterproof Weighing Indicator Features

  • Full 304 stainless steel case,waterproof front panel with immense thickness

  • IP68 waterproof and dustproof

  • Red LED display

  • Data and time displays in save mode

  • Check-weighing mode: HI/OK/LO indicator and Alert buzz

  • Option part: Phone APP,USB,Bluetooth

  • Weighing data can be sent to computer via bluetooth

  • It is suitable for platform scales and floor scales.

Waterproof Weighing Indicator Characteristics

  • Accuracy class: III

  • Sampling rate:5~40 times/second

  • Max. division: n=15000

  • Load cell supply current:<200mA

  • Load cell input voltage: DC 0Mv~ DC 16mV

Waterproof Weighing Indicator Specifications

Power12V DC, AC adapter
6V/1.2Ah rechargeable battery
Excitation voltage5V DC, 4x350Ω load cells
Input signal range-5~15mV
LED display6 digits,23mm height
Status displayStable,Zero,Gross,Net,Charging
Working temperature-5℃~+40℃
OptionsRS232,Bluetooth,Phone APP,USB

Waterproof Weighing Indicator Main Functions

  • Keyboard calibration by hand, capacity will be set automatically.

  • Error message will be shown automatically.

  • Auto power saving mode and auto power off mode.

  • Date and time display setting and multi saving power display.

  • Charging indication and auto-off when voltage is too low.

  • Multiple weighing units: kg, lb, Hl, t, g.

  • Selectable RS232 and RS485 serial port (Bluetooth 2.0, WIFI, 2.45G module selectable).

  • Vibration and shaking filtering mode.

  • Automatic recovery with data restore, strong anti-interference.

  • Able to set decimal position, max. capacity and division.

  • Auto zero tracking, zero error indication and overload warning.

  • Built-in weight alarm setting function.

  • Display of basic information while turning on the indicator (company name, time, version, power percent ect)

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