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Stainless Steel Junction Box for Floor Scales,Analog Junction Box for Analog Weighing Indicator

  • Stainless steel housing
  • Easy assembly and adjustment
Analog type:
  • JXHG


Stainless Steel Junction Box for Floor Scales

The junction box is the middle part that the weighbridge connecting the load cell and the weighing indicator. It plays an important role in connecting the weighing indicator and transmitting the weighing data signal. 

Considering the electromagnetic compatibility (mainly anti-interference performance) and durability, the outer casing of the junction box is mostly consisted of metal material, and 5~9 sealing joints for guiding signal cables are arranged around the side of the box. 

The shape of the junction box is a flat rectangle, which is the typical product appearance. 

According to the different principles and structures of load cells and weighing indicators, the weighbridge junction box can be divided into analog junction box, digital junction box. 

The potentiometer in the junction box can adjust the excitation voltage of the connected load cells, thereby adjusting the output signals of the corresponding sensors, to keep the output signals of all load cells consistent.

Junction Box Feature:

  • Stainless steel housing

  • Analog type, 4 line or 6 line(optional)

  • Easy assembly and adjustment

  • High sealing treatment,moisture-proof,reliability

  • Working temperature: -30℃~60℃

Junction Box Specifications:

Housing material Model
Outline Size Mounting Size with Scale Body

Stainless steel

Signal adjustment



Hole diameter Φ8mm

JXHG02-6-S Signal adjustment
JXHG02-4-J Excitation adjustment
JXHG03-6-J Excitation adjustment

Junction Box Pictures:

JXHG junction box-7

JXHG junction box-8

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