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Stainless Steel Waterproof Weighing Indicator with Red Led Display

This stainless steel weighing indicator is specially designed for waterproof platform scales which are used in harsh and washdown environments. This weighing indicator has sturdy structure and high accuracy,it's stable weighing function and reliable perfomance win high reputation in global weighing market.
  • XK3108A


- IP68 class waterproof and dustproof  design for moist, corrosion and other special environment

- Stainless steel casing

- Super large LED display screen

- Patented joint for indicator that is easy to use and reliable

- Measurement unit switch function(g, kg, lb. lb)

- Set-value alarm function

- Counting function

- Accumulating function

- Voltage indicate and low voltage alarm function


- Capacity: 15,30,60,150,300,600,1500,3000kg

- Resolution selectable: 3000,6000,15000,3000

- Display mode: 25mm LED Display

- Housing: Mirror finished SUS304 stainless steel

- Operation temperature: -10°C - +40°C(14F-104F)

- Power supply: AC110V/230V(±10%) or DC6V4Ah rechargeable battery

- Working hours without extent power supply: 80h

- Optional function: RS232 interface,weight checking,output interface,stainless steel instrument joint

Data Sheet:

Resolution selectable3000,6000,15000,30000
Display mode25mm   LED with white backlight
Housing materialMirror   finished SU304 stainless steel
Operation temperature-10°C   - +40°C(14F-104F)
Power supplyAC110V/230V(±10%)   or DC6V4Ah rechargeable battery
Working hours without exten power supply80h
Optional functionRS232   interface,weight checking output interface,stainless steel instrument joint
Housing dimensions214*138*99mm

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