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Stainless steel IP68 single point load cell

  • The capacity of BM6E load cell ranges from 50kg to 300kg. 
  • It is suitable for single load cell structured platform scales.
  • BM6E

Stainless steel IP68 single point load cell

All units are produced in a quality system that meets the requirements of ISO-9001

Load Cell Features:

* Full-encapsulated welding load cell

* Stainless steel,IP68

* Suitable for single load cell structured platform scales

* High accuracy

* Maximum platform size: 600*600mm

Main Parameters:

* Capacity: 50kg,100kg,150kg,200kg,250kg,300kg

* Accuracy: 3000,class c3

Electrical Connections-Compression Positive

RED   -----------  +EXC

BLACK-----------  -EXC

GREEN-----------  +SIGNAL

WHITE-----------   -SIGNAL

BARE  -----------    SHIELD

CAUTION: Cutting cable will affect the full scale output calibration

Load Cell Specifications:

Accuracy classC3
Output sensitivity(=FS)2.0±0.2 mV/V
Maximum capacity(Emax)50/100/150/200/250/300 kg
Maximum number of load cell   intervals(nLC)3000
Ratio of minimum LC verification interval Y=Emax/Vmin10000
Combined error±0.023%FS
Minimum dead load0%FS
Safe overload150%FS
Ultimate overload300%FS
Zero balance±1.5
Excitation,recommended voltage5~12 V (DC)
Excitation maximum18 V (DC)
Input resistance350±3.5 Ω
Onput resistance351±2.0 Ω
Insulation resistance≥ 5000MΩ (50VDC)
Compensated temperature-10~+40 ℃
Operating temperature-35~+65 ℃
Storage temperature-40~+70 ℃
Element materialstainless steel
Recommended torque on fixationM6: 10 (N.m)
Corner correction0.02 % load value / 100 mm
Ingress protection (according to EN   60529)IP68
Note: "S1" output sensitivity   is 2.0±0.002mV/V

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