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TA3 Series Industrial Process Control Weighing Terminal

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TA3 series indicator is a high-quality industrial weighing controller introduced by ATRONTEC. 

TA3 weighing display control indicator adopts real-time & multi-function microprocessor,high-speed & high-precision ADC to realize accurate & fast weighing. At the same time, TA3 weighing controller also provides various control and functional interfaces, which is very convenient for on-site control and composition of automatic control system.

TA3 process weighing control indicator-news2

TA3 series process control weighing indicator is specially designed for process weighing control purpose.

This weighing indicator integrates the functions of weighing display, fixed value control, sorting, material level monitoring, and flow monitoring. It can be widely used in chemical, metallurgy, tobacco, pharmaceutical, food and other industrial fields.


* Sharp OLED front panel display with easy 4-button operator interface.

* Indicator mounting options: Panel mount, or with DIN rail mount

* 7-hole drilling pattern for easy panel mounting

* Environmental protection rating IP 65 / Type 4x and 12 (panel display)

* Environmental protection rating IP20/Type 1 (terminal housing)

* Split housing design uses two snap-in tabs for secure & easy disassembly

* 35mm DIN rail mount design for remote mounting

* Safe installation with DIN rail retaining tab

* SD Memory Card slot

* Detachable terminal connectors


* Basic weighing

* Target control

* Checking weight and sorting

* Flow monitoring

* Can replace Metter Toledo IND131/IND331 weighing terminal

TA3 industrial process control weight indicator news

TA3 series process control weighing indicator has excellent performance, convenient replacement process, rich interface configuration, flexible calibration method, convenient parameter setting and system backup, as well as powerful weighing display, bus communication, industrial Ethernet communication, flow control, fixed value control, functions of checkweighing,sorting and material level alarm,etc.  

This industrial weighing controller will surely bring you a more reliable, efficient and convenient experience.

Our products owned a credible quality as well as good reputation in the market.
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