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15kg Electronic Stainless Steel Washable Platform Weighing Scale

This full stainless steel platform weighing scale is specially designed for wet environment and washable application. Stainless steel laser welding sealed load cell IP68/IP69K waterproof allows effective and easy cleaning. Weighing platform is 240*300mm and capacity can be 3kg,6kg,15kg.
  • RKS226-2430


  • Full stainless steel structure

  • Scale body is electropolished, and the surface roughness Ra is less than 0.8um

  • Stainless steel load cell with IP68/IP69K

  • It is suitable for high-precision applications in food, medicine,chemical ingredients industries

  • ID226SS2 stainless steel indicator with 2 serial ports of RS232+RS485


Model RKS226-2430
Weighing   platform material All stainless steel, scale body electrochemical polishing treatment
Load cell Stainless Steel 304,laser welding sealed,IP68/IP69K
Column Stainless steel square column
Weighing   indicator ID226 stainless steel indicator
Platform size 240mm*300mm
Scale capacity 3kg/6kg/15
Verification division 1g/2g/5g
Display   division 0.1g/0.2g/0.5g

RKS226-2430 waterproof scale-3

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