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30kg Capacity Stainless Steel Electronic Platform Weighing Scale, LED Display Electronic Waterproof Scale

BA430 Series platform weighing scale is specially designed for wet environment and washable application. Stainless steel laser welding sealed load cell IP68/IP69K waterproof allows effective and easy cleaning.
Weight indicator:
Serial Interface:
Platform Material:
Load Cell:
  • BA430


30kg Capacity Stainless Steel Electronic Platform Weighing Scale

LED Display Electronic Waterproof Scale

RKS226 Series platform weighing scale meets the needs of wet environment and washable compliant. Stainless steel waterproof electronic scales can be used in some places that can touch water, such as food processing workshops, chemical industries, aquatic products markets, etc.

Waterproof Scale Features:

  • Accuracy: ClassIII

  • Stainless steel weighing indicator ID226SSII

  • Stainless steel scale body and open structure

  • Scale body with electrochemical polishing treatment

  • Stainless steel and laser welding sealed load cell with IP68/IP69K

  • Bright and clear LED display,Green or Red are optional

  • Can be applied in food,medicine and chemical industries

Waterproof Scale Specifications:

Platform sizeCapacity
240×300 mm

300×400 mm

400×500 mm

500×650 mm

600×800 mm

Verification division1g2g5g10g20g50g100g200g
Display division0.1g0.2g0.5g1g2g5g10g20g

How to install waterproof scale?


Open the packing box, take out the scale body and weighing indicator, and keep the manual, certificate of conformity, warranty card and other materials properly.


1)Take out the countertop, place the scale body stably, and adjust the four supporting feet to keep the scale body level.

2)Install the column bracket to the scale body with bolts, and insert the column into the column bracket.

3)Adjust the limit bolts at the four corners to make sure the gap between them and the upper table is 2~3mm.

4)Install the weighing indicator on the column of the scale body, and stuff the excess cables into the column.

5)Pass the loadcell's cable through the column bracket and the column, then tighten the column with bolts (be careful not to damage the cable), and insert the loadcell's cable plug into the socket of the weighing indicator.

6)Cover the weighing platform and power on the weighing indicator.

7)The electronic platform scale has been calibrated in the factory.

Among above points, the third point is most likely to be ignored by customers, and the limit screw is often the main reason for the inaccurate weighing of the new scale for the first time. So please pay attention.

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