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LED Display Automatic Weighing Scale Indicator, Plastic Platform Scales Weight Indicator

Weighing indicators with gross weight/tare/net weight, peak, peak and valley processing capabilities, mainly co-operates with load cells or weight transmitters to realize weight display、weighing or control、data acquisition、real-time printing on various sites.
Weight indicator:
Weight Display:
Serial Interface:
  • X704


LED Display Automatic Weighing Scale Indicator

--Plastic Platform Scales Weight Indicator

  • In the weighing process, it is very important to collect accurate weighing data. 

  • Weighing indicators are mainly to weigh, display and control the quality of materials. They are mostly used in

    in electronic scales/bench scales/floor scales/railway scales, etc. The weighing range can range from a few grams to hundreds of tons, and the weighing accuracy can reach more than 0.001~0.0001. 

Weighing Indicator Features

  • Plastic housing, elegant design

  • Accurate and clear reading

  • Function keys: On/Tare/Zero, M+/Print, Units, Off

  • Easy installation and maintenance, reliable performance

  • High weighing accuracy

Weighing Indicator Specifications:

Model X704
Accuracy III
Linear ≤0.01%F.S
Voltage DC5V
Division 1/2/5 option
Speed 20 times per second
Internal resolution 300,00/600,00
Power Input

AC 120~240V

Weighing Indicator Picture:

X704 weight indicator-2

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