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LED Display Bench Weighing Scale with Carbon Steel Weighing Platform

  • This platform scale is designed for basic weighing in variety of industries. 
  • Sturdy and durable weighing platform combined with accurate weighing indicator enable this bench scale to do weighing tasks relible and easy. 
  • High quality and economical.
Weight indicator:
Load Cell:
  • IWEC

Mild Steel Weighing Platform Scale with LED Display Weight Indicator

This Platform weighing scale can cope with complex weighing purposes easily and quickly. 

IWE Series Platform weighing scales feature high precision, stable weighing functions, bright and clear display, wide capacities and multiple options to meet different application requirements.

Bench Scale Features:

* Mild steel platform,and stainless steel platform is also available.

* Simple operation, easy to use;

* ABS weight indicator, six red LED display

* Mavin brand load cells like,NA2,NA3,NA4,etc.;

* Scale pole: stainless steel

* Fast response,high efficiency;

* Accurate weighing and clear reading;

* Pan sizes: 30*30cm,40*40cm,40*50cm,45*60cm,60*80cm,etc.

* Weighing capacity: 3kg~1500kg;

* Packing: scale is packed with foam and carton box;

Bench Scale Parameters:

IWEC Series IWES Series
carbon steel structure stainless steel structure
Model Size(mm) Cap.(kg) Model Size(mm) Cap.(kg)
IWEC3030 300*300 15~150 IWES3030 300*300 15~150
IWEC3040 300*400 30~150 IWES3040 300*400 30~150
IWEC4040 400*400 30~150 IWES4040 400*400 30~150
IWEC4050 400*500 30~300 IWES4050 400*500 30~300
IWEC4252 420*520 60~300 IWES4252 420*520 60~300
IWEC5060 500*600 60~600 IWES5060 500*600 60~600
IWEC6060 600*600 60~600 IWES6060 600*600 60~600
IWEC6080 600*800 60~1500 IWES6080 600*800 60~1500
IWEC8080 800*800 100~1500 IWES8080 800*800 100~1500

Bench Scale Picture:

IWE bench scale-5

IWE bench scale-6

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